(Course)Work Waves: Nightrider by Tom Misch, Yusef Dayes Ft. Freddie Gibbs

Posted by Justin Rodriguez on


Sound and visuals find the perfect marriage in the video for Nightrider by Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes ft. Freddie Gibbs. I was already sold once I saw two of my favorite artists Tom Misch and Freddie Gibbs on a track together, but once I saw the animated direction of the video I was blown away. I'm an illustrator and do a bit of animation myself so seeing this had me nerding out.

Illustrated by James Neilson and brought to life by animator and director Jack Brown, the visuals capture the hypnotically smooth vibe of the song. Looping animations make the video feel calming and meditative like a background screensaver. Definitely a song and video to leave on while you work. Add this one to your playlist and give it a watch or listen. Enjoy the ride.

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