Courseworkers: King Marie

Courseworkers: King Marie

DJ, musician, singer-songwriter and overall artist, Christine Borda is known to many as King Marie. The Chicago native discusses everything from music as her passion and identity and what that means to her as a Filipino-American to the importance of building a Filipino creative community in Chicago. Watch the full feature video on King Marie—the first of the Courseworkers video series.

Courseworkers is a video series that features various creatives and entrepreneurs that digs into who they are, what drives them and their work and how they exemplify what Coursework means as a brand.


Produced by Coursework 2021
Video by Maria Meade
Audio by Tyler Olinger
Music by King Marie
Special thanks to Christine Borda aka King Marie, Tito Roy, Tori "Torsion" Howard, Classick Studios and Side Practice Coffee


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