Coursework x King Marie - From Chicago to the Philippines with Love

Posted by Justin Rodriguez on

"From Chicago to the Philippines with Love Tee" is a collaboration between Coursework Chicago-based DJ and artist King Marie. This tee was created as a way for us to give back to our heritage and help those in need in the motherland. Proceeds are being donated to COVID-19 emergency relief and funding educational programs for street children to have better opportunities in the Philippines.

The design features a front chest print of a Balikbayan box coming down from a parachute. In Filipino culture, Balikbayan boxes are a symbol of Filipinos who work overseas, separated from their families. They use these boxes to send gifts to their families back home. This box became the visual metaphor for our effort to raise money and give back to those in need in the Philippines.


Photographer: Tori Howard, @toritorsion
Models: Christine Borda / King Marie, Roy Borda / Christine's father


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